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Preferred Medicine is a high tech, low touch miRNA screening technology that catches cancers early to help to reduce the cost of diagnosis, and ultimately improve a patient’s quality of life

How Our Technology Works

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First, a small molecule called miRNA is extracted from the blood

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The purified miRNA gets analyzed by a reading machine

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The miRNA profile data is input into our Artificial Intelligence algorithm

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The output risk score is presented to help determine the presence of cancer with oversight from a medical practitioner

Why miRNA?

miRNA has great potential biomarkers for evaluating cancer because of the ability to have signatures associated with tumors as the tissue of origin, progression, prognosis, and response to treatment

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Early detection of cancer due to the signature present at tumor initiation stage1

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The tissue of origin to indicate the location of cancer in the body2

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Prognosis and response to treatment to decide the most appropriate care3

Why Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that can learn from the data provided and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed

Extract Hidden Patterns

Machine learning makes it possible to extract hidden patterns from the whole miRNA expression profile in a multi-modal manner and classify the presence of different types of cancer.

Reduce Quantification Errors

Due to the nature of biology, some measurement and quantification errors still occur. Yet, PFM manages this problem with the combination of machine learning and bioinformatics.

miRNA vs. cfDNA



Early-stage detection; screening1
Late-stage detection
Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment1
More cancer-specific biomarkers4,5
Extensive publications6,7
>2,057 papers
>853 papers
Amount of analyte required8,9,10
50 ng/ml
5-10 ng/ml

What is PREMIR?

Check out the breast cancer screening test


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